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«Soy Núria y soy tu  futura profesora de español online, o ¡eso espero! «

«I’m Nuria and I’m your future Spanish teacher online… well, I hope!»

profesora de español online

Profesor de español online. Why is it a good idea?


You decide when and where to learn. Maybe after work, or between other lessons, or when waiting a the dentist… You choose!

Fast progress

Focus on your goals and your needs with specifically crafted material, so you will run more than Flash himself

Native Tutor

Practice your Spanish with a local certified teacher.  



Fun and Interactive

I promise you, we’re gonna have so much fun together while you learn that you won’t have time to get bored. The best way to learn a language 😉

30 min Free Trial Lesson
with your spanish teacher online

Why do you want to learn Spanish?

We can adapt the classes to meet your personal and professional goals.


– ¿Hola, qué tal?- Improve your conversation skills

Spanish for Travelling

Do you want to survive in a Spanish speaking country? I’m your girl!

General Spanish

Improve your Level. A1 to C2


DELE and University Exams

Student's testimonials

«Nuria for almost two weeks. The lessons took place at her home, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from her. Nuria is a very good spanish teacher, who is very structured, with well prepared courses and she flexibly responded to my wishes and ideas. I can highly recommend Nuria and sure, I will take more lessons at the next opportunity.»

Juerguen P. , Germany

«¡Nuria es increíble! Ella es una profesora paciente y responsable. Aprendí mucho con Nuria, también pasamos un tiempo súper divertido en la clase.»


Yunan, China

«Spanish Teachers and I feel Nuria is one of the best due to her structured and fun approach to classes. Always happy to give focused tuition on difficult areas of the language and delivers great classes with a big smile. Now I have a lot more confidence in using the skills she has taught me. I would recommend her to anyone at any level who wants to learn & have fun.»

Paul, England


Book a free trial or ask me anything 🙂 feel free

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